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India // Part One

It has been very difficult to find the words to explain my trip to India.  It is one of the very few experiences I've had that has left me speechless.  For those of you who know me in real life, this is an uncommon occurrence.    

When people ask about my trip, they get a response sounding something like this, “Uhhh, yeah, it was so great! I really loved it. I mean, ahhhh yeah... it was so incredible."   For those who have traveled to India, you know that is probably the lamest response ever.

It’s hard to explain the adventure I had without getting it all wrong, and I feel so passionately about India, that I feel a strange sense of guilt and sadness when I try to tell people about my experience - because it was so much more than the words I can muster.  

It was dirty and beautiful and devastating and happy and angry and authentic and intense and… bewitching.  India was bewitching.  It contains pretty much every positive and negative feeling you can imagine.  I think this is how I formed such a tight, dense ball of emotion for this place.  It’s this little rock rooted in the middle of my heart and I don’t know how to crack it open.

I know that this might be hard to understand, but I can guarantee every person who was in India with me will be sharing their experience with an uncanny similarity.
And let me tell you about my friends.  Not only did I fall in love with a country, but I fell in love with sixteen other people from all over this world.  I traveled through India with a group of photographers and we bonded so quickly and so intensely, I know some of us will never part ways.  It is insane how like-minded we all are.  I was worried about getting together with such a large group of people and being stuck with them for 5 days, but our similarities, likes and dislikes, opinions, ideas, everything was so… agreeable.  Apparently photographers who like to travel are cut from the same cloth.  Traveling with these people was not only easy, but it was a pleasure.  Dear India friends: you changed my life forever.

Before I left for my journey, there were three things that came to mind in regards to India: color, poverty, and good food.  I have traveled a bit and realized that those elements are everywhere, not just in India.  I have seen those same characteristics in Thailand, Cambodia, Cuba, and even parts of the USA.  India is so much more.  

Now that I have been there, here is how I describe India:  

India is passionate.  People love and respect one another. India is rich with spirituality - there are temples in abundance and people worshipping at every hour.  There is happiness.  Even in areas of the city where people live under tents and sleep on the ground, people are still smiling.  You wouldn’t expect it, but people seem genuinely happy.  They have taken the cards life has dealt them, and they have played them with grace and beauty and honesty and perseverance.

India speeds by in a second, everything happens so fast, but that second seems to contain so many beautiful milliseconds.  

While walking through the street market in Jodhpur, I saw a man praying in a beautifully carved temple crumbling at the edges. A woman was sitting in front of it selling stacks of vibrantly painted glass bangle bracelets.  A man zoomed by on his moped with his four young children in tow (yes, there were five people on one moped).  As my gaze followed the family of five driving away from me, I noticed a man selling piles of loose spices sitting in rows of tarnished aluminum bowls.  Next to the spices was an elderly lady seated on the dirt street weaving sweetgrass baskets with her calloused hands.  A young woman clad in an embroidered sari and adorned with glass bracelets, intricately painted earrings, and a nose ring approached her carrying a large basket on her head.  The basket was filled with sweetgrass that she was delivering to the old lady weaving on the ground.  And all of that took place in just one second of my journey through the market.

One second.

I know, that was a lot to process and you probably have to go back and re-read.  THAT is India.  That is every second of every minute spent out and about with the Indian people just living their lives.  Sensory overload.

This place makes my heart ache.  And that is neither positive nor negative.  It just is.  

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you.  This is the closest I have been able to come to explain my feelings toward this breathtaking country.  But these are my feelings toward the adventure I had in India, not individual events.  Throughout the coming days, I will be sharing specific stories about the things and people I encountered while in India.  

Thank you for reading and namaste - the light in me sees the light within you.

After five days of traveling through Jaipur together, many of my friends visited an orphanage in Rajahmundry and were changed forever.  I have never heard such humbling experiences and stories.  My friends left that orphanage broken and heartbroken, but they were simultaneously repaired by the love and friendship they gained from the sweet, determined children living in the orphanage.   Please take a moment to read more about their time there and check out my friend Krista's blog post.  She can sum it up much better than me.

"This trip gave me so many things; one of them was the clarity to see that a big part of my heart is in enriching the lives of young people. And because I’m a big believer in the idea that love is a verb, my friends and I are teaming up to raise some funds for our new little buddies. We want to make sure they have everything they need, and more. To learn more about that, please VISIT THIS LINK and donate a few bucks to the cause. We’d really love it if you joined us in enriching their lives, as they have enriched ours."  That is from Krista.  Check it out... you will be glad you did :)