Erin & Jeff, June 2015

Erin and Jeff Hofacker have known each other forever. In fact, neither one of them can actually remember when they met, because it was so long ago. We're talking pre-memory meeting here, people. That's how you know this is a love story for the ages.  "I'm sure if either of us could remember that day, it would be the best day of our lives," Erin said. (Cue my enormous aww.) Growing up in Harbor Springs, Michigan — which just so happens to be my hometown — everyone knew everyone. So it should come as no surprise that Erin and Jeff got together thanks to one of their mutual friends (and bridesmaid) Jess. Scheming a plan to get Erin and Jeff together was a plan that would get her a lifetime of kudos, even if she didn't know it at the time. Who could've known at 16 that things would go so well?

Though the two relocated to Chicago, they chose to come back home to where it all began to celebrate their nuptials. After photographing these two for their engagement session (and having known Erin for years), one thing became very, very clear: they love to laugh. Whether it's navigating a new city together, reminiscing on their first days as a budding couple in high school, or playing with their dog Boe, laughter is what keeps these two going strong after all this time.